How is a work of art transferred?

There are always several reasons for moving works of art, but the most frequent is for buying or moving and when temporary exhibitions are presented.

Works of art are valuable objects or documentary funds, elements that are not common to find when carrying out a move. At Moving Services By Cargo we are a Colombian international moving company dedicated to providing the best logistics services with high quality standards for all types of household goods.

If we want to move valuable objects without problems, we need a professional packaging team capable of guaranteeing the safety and condition of moving objects. We carry out a series of processes and have special materials and boxes for this type of transfer.

Aspects to take into account when moving a work of art:

One of the most important aspects is that of insurance, which is governed by the rules of merchandise insurance. There are clauses that cover all types of risk and there are even specific clauses for frames and glass. In international removals that have art objects, a declaration of value must be made, giving priority to those that have a special value due to their condition or creation.

The exclusivity of these objects requires that handling, packing and unpacking be extremely careful. The first thing to note is the use of cotton or latex gloves to handle the parts. Large and heavy paintings must be handled by at least two people, always securing the sides and the base, with smooth movements in a vertical position. On the other hand, the transfer of sculptures is done with the help of ropes and padding material that allows them to be held fast.

How is the packaging of a work of art done?

Depending on the shape and weight of the objects to be moved, the size of the packaging we need will be different. The packaging begins with resistant wooden boxes capable of withstanding blows or vibrations, right on them there should not be any space so that the work of art does not move during the course of the trip, all the holes must be filled.

Custom packaging for transporting a work of art

Observing and having critical thinking always with the objective of serving our clients, one or more works can be stored in each box. The objects must be packed with stable materials that maintain the necessary climatic conditions so as not to put the item being transported at risk. Finally, once the works are packaged, they are placed in specialized trucks for transport.

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