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Mudanzas Internacionales Barco

We identify the ideal transport method for your belongings and we carry out the ideal packaging for their care. Transport by air, sea or land, in container or LCL.

Relocation - Reubicación

Our priority is to advise and support diplomatic, corporate and natural officials with the necessary requirements for relocation to their new residence.

Mudanzas Nacionales

Our experience of more than 15 years in the removal service within Bogotá and the national territory, support us.


We have a permanent customs warehouse within the Tocancipá free trade zone with more than 4,000 square meters to meet your storage needs2 to meet your storage requirements.

Servicios Moving Services

We are experts in packaging, we use wooden or plastic boxes specially designed for the transfer of your most delicate crockery, glassware and belongings.

Embarques Diplomáticos

Our team of experts accompanies you at all times, we manage procedures and documentation for the transfer of belongings and/or diplomatic vehicles.

Transporte de Vehiculos

Advice with the current international legal regulations of the countries to which the vehicle enters.

Highly qualified staff.

Traslado de Obras de Arte

We have highly qualified personnel for the packaging and handling of paintings, sculptures, antiques, among others. Legal advice and customs procedures for both the export and import of works of art.

Tramites MIgración


Our team of experts accompanies you at all times, we manage procedures and documentation for your international transfers and removals.

We are the first international travel agency for pets.

Travel with your pet from Colombia, Peru, Panama or the United States to anywhere in the world.

Meet our company

Logistic solutions for international trade, we connect your company by air, sea and land.

More than a logistics operator, we are a strategic ally that helps you optimize costs, times and processes as if we were part of your business.

The first international pet transport travel agency in Colombia.

We take care of every detail to meet your furry with safety, quality and well-being.

How do we make your move?

We define what you want to take

One of our specialists will contact you to schedule a visit or call and verify what furniture and belongings you are going to move.

We calculate the volume

We determine the best transfer options and generate a quote so you can choose what suits your needs.


An operational coordinator is in charge of advising and accompanying throughout the process.


We coordinate the start of packaging at your residence, according to the client's requirement.

container loading

We offer container loading options at the client's residence or transfer of furniture and belongings to our warehouses for later loading into the container. 

Shipping of the move

We deliver your move at destination at your residence. 

No tercerizamos nuestros servicios

Contamos con nuestra propia agencia de carga y aduana para  realizar su mudanza con la mayor seguridad y respaldo. 

We take your home to the place you need

We have agents anywhere in the world.
Avión de carga

Strategic Alliances

Our alliances lead us to exceed the limits and offer more than a move, a reliable, safe and quality service, we care about serving you in a personalized way to improve your experience.

Our certifications

We are part of the most important international associations in the professional removals industry. We have certifications that validate our ethics, professionalism and compliance with world moving standards.